Sleek Solid Styling

Extreme Strength Single Mold Aluminum Body Design with Integrated LED Lights Keeping You Safe Day and Night

Long Range 35AH LG Battery

120km of Real World Range! Using LG 2100 cells with a massive 35AH (2100WH) Lithium Ion Battery

Heavy Duty Folding Mechanism

Dual Latch Quick Folding Mechanism

Colour TFT Display

Adjust all Five Gear Settings of Your Terverun Fighter 11+ On The Fly. Including Start Speed of Front and Rear Motors, Current Levels of Front and Rear Motors, Top Speed, e-ABS Braking, Cruise Control and Much More

Dual 1600w (combined peak output 5000w) Motors Propelling You to 85km/hr!

Feel the Exhilarating and Controlled Power of the Teverun Fighter 11+ Electric Scooter Including Dual Motors with Peak Power of 5000w(2x2500w), Paired With 2x 40A Sine Wave Controllers and 300x Thumb Throttle

Water Proof NFC Keys

One Touch On/Off Security (keys are the size of a Toonie)

Ultra Bright 2000 Lumen Adjustable Front Head Light

Light up the Trails to Ride Safely at Night!

Dual Zoom Hydraulic Brakes with 160mm Rotors

Safe Controlled Stopping Power with Two Finger Levers and Locking Ergonomic Hand Grips!

Fully Integrated Steering Damper

Turn up Dampening for Safe High-Speed Runs!

Front and Rear Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension

Adjust On The Fly For Superior Handling Between Speed or Off Road Runs

Teverun Fighter 11+ Canada’s Top Premium Electric Scooter

The Teverun Fighter 11+ Canada, North America, Europe and Asias well known Electric Scooter brand has arrived in Edmonton, Alberta! From the combination of Minimotors, builders of the famous Dualtron brand of Electric Scooters and the Blade Company, builders of the well known Blade GT comes the Teverun Fighter 11+.

This Sleek Electric Scooter with its ultra strong aluminum alloy steel single mold body design uses 2 x 1600w motors with a maximum combined peak power of 5000w, taking it up to speeds of 85km/hr. The Teverun Fighter 11+ Canada’s top new eScooter uses LG 21700 cells for its 60V 35ah long range batteries.

To fully charge this battery based on Canada’s average cost of electricity in 2022 (0.178/kWh) it will cost you approximately $0.36 with the battery lasting up to 120km on a single charge. This premium e-Scooter takes you where you want to go fast! and comes fully loaded, including the specs below:


    • Max Load 150Km (330 lbs)
    • Smart BMS with App for Real Time Diagnostics, Battery Management and Parameter Controls
    • Bright 3.5” TFT Display to Easily Configure Each Gear and All Your Settings
    • Adjustible Steering Damper
    • Programmable LED Lights
    • Dual 1600w Motors with a Combined Peak Power of 5000w
    • Four Signal Lights
    • Heavy Duty Folding eScooter Mechanism with Catch Designed by Minimotors Similar System used on the Dualtron Thunder 3 Electric Scooter
    • Dual Charge Ports to Cut Charging Time in Half
    • Electrified Mobile Includes Two 67.2V 2A Chargers
    • Electric Horn
    • High Mount 2000 Lumen Adjustible Head Light
    • Adjustable Hydraulic Front and Rear Suspension
    • Dual Hydraulic Disk Brakes
    • NFC Key Security with Small Waterproof Keys
    • Silicone Rubber Mat
    • 2 x Buttery Smooth 40A Sine Wave Controllers for Ultimate Speed Control
    • Made with Ultra Strong Aluminum Alloy Steel with a single mold body design
    • Long Range 60V 35ah Battery using LG 21700 cells
    • Tail/Brake Lights
    • Ergonomic Locking Grips