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EM-Step Thru (folding frame)

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EM-Mountain Dimensions eBikes Edmonton Alberta
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EM-Commuter (folding frame)

EM-Commuter Dimensions ebikes Edmonton Alberta
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EM-Cruiser Dimensions eBikes Edmonton Alberta
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Electrified Mobile EM-Step Thru Electric Bikes eBikes Edmonton Alberta Canada

Colour Displays

Electrified Mobile Electric Bike Full Colour Display

Long Range Batteries(1008Wh)

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Bafang 500W Motor

Bafang Drive 500w Hub Drive eBikes Electric Bikes Edmonton Alberta Canada

Kenda Fat Bike Tires

Fat Tire eBikes Edmonton Alberta Canada

The Electrified Mobile EM-Step Thru

eBikes in Edmonton Alberta need long range Li-ion eBike batteries to reach many destinations within our vast bike path systems, we use genuine Samsung ebike battery cells to help with your range anxiety. Go further with our compact, unisex, easy mount and folding EM-Step Thru design! Our easy mount step-thru eBike design makes it a breeze getting on and off for all ages and abilities and comes equipped with our industry leading large capacity lithium ion 48V 21Ah (1008 Wh) battery. These Samsung ebike battery cells can provide up to 120km of range on a single charge using pedal assist 1. Electric bike battery voltage and Ah(Amp Hours) directly correlates with the range your eBike can travel on one charge. Thus, a 20Ah doubles that of a 10Ah of the same voltage. Visit our Electric Bike FAQ page for more information on eBike batteries. As most of our competition supplies only 10 – 14Ah batteries, our large capacity batteries are a huge advantage and will save you from having to carry a second battery or walking your bike up that last big hill. Our batteries are just one of the major upgrades in comparison with many eBikes on the market today. We focus on providing a product of high quality and durability which requires zero upgrades! Observe some of our other specifications below and discover the Electrified Mobile difference:
Electrified Mobile Standard Equipment:
Large Capacity 48V 17.5 – 21Ah Samsung Cell Battery
Mozo Shock Absorbers with Lockout
Colour LCD Screen and USB Phone Charger
9 Pedal Assist levels (configured in advanced settings)
48v500W Brushless Rear Hub Motors
Hydraulic Tektro Brakes
Aluminium 6061 Frame
Street Legal in Canada (go anywhere bicycles can go)
Shimano 7sp Tourney Derailleur
Electric Horn (required equipment in Alberta)
20” x 4” ultra stable Kenda Fat Bike Tires
LED Front and Rear Lights
Rear Cargo Carrier (Not included on EM-Mountain)
Front and Rear Fenders (Not included on EM-Mountain)
On demand throttle (Configured in settings)