Electrified Mobile Step-thru eBike Electric Bike Edmonton Alberta Canada

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The Electrified Mobile Difference

Electrified Mobile Curb Side Delivery eBikes Electric Bikes Edmonton Alberta Canada

2 Year Limited Warranty

Electrified Mobile offers a 2 year limited warranty for our electric bikes in Canada giving you piece of mind on your Electric Bike purchase. Checkout our warranty section of our manuals for more information.
Electrified Mobile Curb Side Delivery eBikes Electric Bikes Edmonton Alberta Canada

Free Curbside Delivery

For our customers purchasing eBikes in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and area we are able to offer FREE express same or next day delivery, including complete assembly and initial tuning of our in stock Electric Bikes. For other Canadian customers, shipping is always free for purchases over $200. The EM-Commuter and EM-Step Thru come almost fully assembled out of the box where our EM-Cruiser and EM-Mountain only require the front tire, handle bars and front fender to be installed!
Electrified Mobile No Upgrades Required eBikes Electric Bikes Edmonton Alberta Canada

No Upgrades Required

At Electrified Mobile, we ensure all our electric bikes meet the legal definition of a “power-assisted bicycle” for Alberta and 7 other provinces where eBikes are legal in Canada, with the exception of PEI. This means for most provinces, you do NOT require a drivers licence, registration or insurance and will still be allowed on city streets and bicycle trails. For example, in Alberta, if the motor is more than 500w, does not have a horn, front and rear lights or a manufacture’s label indicating “power-assisted bicycle”, riders would not be allowed on bicycle trails or city streets unless the rider has a drivers licence, registration and insurance along with other required equipment. Some of our competitors sell bikes which do not fall into the “power-assisted bicycle” definition which can only be legally operated with a drivers licence, registration and insurance. Also, e-bikes may be sold for what appears to be at a discounted price with smaller batteries and entry level parts which you will want to upgrade after a short time using the electric bike. Electrified Mobile bikes however, come with large batteries and upgraded parts which will make you love your e-bike and the price!

Electrified Mobile Performance and Flexibility eBikes Electric Bikes Edmonton Alberta Canada

Performance and Flexibility

Whether it be from our folding EM-Step Thru to the Commuter, Mountain or Cruiser, these ultra stable fat tire electric bike designs all include our high performance motors, large capacity 21 Ah Samsung ebike battery cells, hydraulic brakes and adjustable shock absorbers with lockout. These bikes also include the flexibility of many adjustable settings available through our interactive colour displays. Our line of long range performance e-bikes in Canada will enhance your healthy lifestyle, allowing you to further explore Canada’s vast trail system.
Electrified Mobile Green Energy eBikes Electric Bikes Edmonton Alberta Canada

No Fossil Fuel Required

Whether using your Electrified Mobile eBike on Edmonton, Alberta’s River Valley trails or winery tours in the sunny Okanagan, you can save thousands in fuel costs and significantly reduce your carbon footprint. With our long range 21Ah(1008 Wh) batteries only consuming approximatly $.10/100km in electricity and the ability to remove the battery for charing in your work place, our reliable Electric Bikes can be used as your daily commuter. This is great for both your health and the environment!

Our Bikes

Electrified Mobile has an e-bike to satisfy all of your biking needs. Our models provide all terrain mobility, from the EM-Mountain for the city or the extreme mountain trails of the National Parks, to the EM-Cruiser for beach, trail or daily city cruising. Find your E-bike below now!