Teverun Fighter Eleven+ Canada

The Teverun Fighter Eleven+ Canada, North America, Europe and Asias well known eScooter brand has arrived in Edmonton, Alberta! From the combination of Minimotors, builders of the famous Dualtron brand of Electric Scooters and the Blade Company, builders of the well known Blade GT comes the Teverun Fighter 11+. This Sleek Electric Scooter with its ultra strong aluminum alloy steel single mold body design uses dual 1600w(max 2500w output ) motors for a combined total output of 5000w, taking it up to speeds of 85km/hr. The Teverun Fighter 11+ Canada’s top new eScooter uses LG 21700 cells for its 60V 35ah long range batteries. To fully charge this battery based on Canada’s average cost of electricity in 2022 (0.178/kWh) it will cost you approximately $0.36 with the battery lasting up to 120km on a single charge.

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